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Hygiene management

"HACCP is a preventive food safety management system to prevent harm."

HACCP analyzes the situation of biological, chemical and physical hazards in the raw materials and manufacturing process of foodstuffs scientifically and provides safe and hygienic food to consumers by blocking risks and remedies beforehand. It is a preventive food safety management system to prevent the hazard.

"HACCP is recognized as the most effective and
efficient food safety management system worldwide."

식품안전관리인증 HACCP, 식품의약품안전처

In order to operate the HACCP program, basic requirements for hygiene management must be observed. It is hygienic management for eight areas such as business place management, hygiene management, manufacturing, processing facility, equipment management, refrigeration, freezing facilities, facility management, water management, storage, transportation management, inspection management and recovery program management.

HACCP is the abbreviation of "Hazard Analysis" and "Critical Control Point" and is referred to as "Haccop" or "Food Safety Management Certification Standard".